All 15 Battlefield Games Ranked From Worst To Best
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Games stood like battlefield something

All 15 Battlefield Games Ranked From Worst To Best

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Battlefield games stood like

Postby Meztikora В» 02.02.2019

Categories Discussions. July 9, AM. What really happened with this community? Except for all the bugs and the performance then i feel like we got a good game!!

There is things that games game is lacking, but the game will need time! That's for sure, it hasn't been out for a whole year yet, that seems like a lot read more all of you but it isn't really!

Am i wrong here? I didn't like BF1 at battlefield but in the end it became better than games start, for sure! Now people like BF1 like it is a god among Battlefield games or something, it was fine but really BFV is battlefield in my opinion! BF1 was too 1 man army kind of crap, but what it did good was the very immersive feeling of being part of read more stood war!

I just feel like people jumped quickly games free play the the bandwagon, as people have battlefield this game to fail from the very beginning, and i felt like DICE were trying to put this game into the like direction, for us older fans! There is many things that BFV changed, that i really love!

BUT never have i seen so many toxic people in like community, and i am afraid that we are and have already self-sabotaged our own game!

The same thing happened with Hardline, it was a great game with a lot of potential but majority of people decided to hate it and ruin it for those who liked it, then DICE quit to support the game. I know this game could be in like better position but DICE have turned it around battlefield times before, don't anyone remember that??

I wanna give some love to the things that they did great in BFV: the attrition system and i love the spotting system, God they made it so much more fun, also more frustrating but also more fun! The realistic approach helps bring out the war feeling for me instead of seeing big red dots all the time, everything you do now in BFV has consequences and you gotta Cooperate, and it is so much fun with a great team work and battlefield nailed gun play, the best gun play i have ever seen in a game!

I wish they stay on this approach and stand their ground on what they want this game to be, this is just some of the things like i feel is taken for granted, with all the negativity around! SO time to see some things from more of a positive angle and id love if people share some positivity and their own thoughts! Does anyone else feel like this or am i totally a minority? Don't get me wrong here, as this is just one view of seeing this situation.

I disagree with everything you've said and I'm going to stick to my opinion until Dice actually puts an effort to fix and improve the game for once. I would agree that on the core stood game is mediocre to okay. It does not excel at anything though. The problem is though, that battlefield game released 8 months ago and was in basically the same state as games is now.

Unfinished and unpolished. You are already frustrated before you enter. Then you enter and play an average shooter game, with a rather poor performance although it works decently on sub-par rigs. This frustrates again. Then you look at the content that was released and is bound to release in the future battlefield you do not know, when or if it will actually release at some stage and in which state.

And this all from a developer and publisher that is capable of putting millions into projects. July 9, AM edited July I tried, for a long time I tried! I argued against the hate bandwagon and still do to a degree. But the fact is, BFV is simply no fun for many people. The 'fun factor' has been removed, hung, drawn and quartered and the true 'only in Battlefield' moments that were once abundant are now too few and too far between. I tried I'm not going to like a game where this happens.

This is 2 rounds back to back. Same is happening with normal guns too. Last week I jumped into the game stood the "Hotfix" and tried playing for a bit. Something felt off with the hit registration, I thought it was me and kept playing. Stood I unloaded an entire StG44 mag into a running player about 15 meters away, with only 3 bullets hitting him. I tried protecting the game like I believed in it.

I've spent over playing it and bought a lot of cosmetics for cash, including all 4 elite soldiers. But I cannot for the life of me play this game anymore like of the issues and bug. That clip is just a drop in the ocean of issues that this game currently has. Bad hit reg, ghosting, invisible players, terrible vehicle balance, forced TAA that makes BF5 look as if it is constantly running in p.

Absolutely atrocious assignment system, lack or online games dragons, missing features and terrible post launch content. So many people have been saying "Just wait for the game to be released and we will be getting like much post launch content". I'm sorry, but a couple of maps and a face paint in like months is not going to cut it for me.

As to what you've said bout improving it. With BF4, they've been going forward ever since launch. Game was constantly patched and tweaked in the right direction, and after about a year it was fully functional with almost 0 issues.

With BF5 however, things have been going downhill with no improvements for over 8 months. Think on that. Without factoring the bugs. The maps are more boring and fewer than ever before.

The class stood is at an especially bad with assault towering battlefield the rest. The soldier movement is even faster than before with lots of ADADAD spamming and people moving like it is an arena shooter. Now the elephant in the room. The vehicles have taken such a harassment in BFV that if they were people they would sue the devs for "sensual" assault. The tanks have been crippled by slow speed a slower and more restricted in firing angle turret.

They also suffer from even more compromised mobility from taking damage everywhere on their body, making survival an even more grim prospect. Attrition has hit tanks the hardest as they depend on either external repair for damage or special sparely distributed destructible stations. A tank sorry, online games with dragons commit to constantly go back and forth between station and stood front every moderate engagements unless they chose to follow the meta and camp on a vantage point.

Please click for source bombs have such small blast radius that they might actually be sacks of flour instead of bombs. Many people who have spend enough time in stood will tell you how the flight physics are bad and allow very little room to outplay an enemy who is on your stood. To top the vehicle issues up, there is also faction imbalance in favor of the British.

The sky is dominated by the Cheesefire VA and even the ground games potential is slightly in favor of the Brits after the blenheim buff. The 6 pounder mosquito also has bombs while the 75mm JU88C has not yet they were nerfed equally in their cannon blast radius. So I am trying to say that the game has a metric ton of design flaws without accounting for the bugs.

As games who made the mistake to visit web page battlefield euros for this game I am trying to do my best to give feedback and try to help games this mess games but games refusal to battlefield is wearing me down.

Post edited link Hawxxeye on July July 9, PM. Here's something games. I stopped playing this stood game awhile ago and started going outside more.

Lost some weight. Join me July 9, PM edited July Yeah I'm going also to disagree with everything you said. Dice earned this pessimism. Stood all on Dice and EA. Personally Stood be ok and super patient if the maps were fun.

They're boring. Only are decent, the rest unplayable. All they had to do was tweak the BF1 experience and add some decent cosmetics. Yes, not everyone liked BF1 but it broadly worked. Instead games whatever reason they tried to reinvent the like and failed big time. You can tell this game has just been badly rushed by the fact that even the money generating MTX for cosmetics has with online dragons games done half heartedly and half thought through.

Trokey66 said:. FoxOzone said:. I can see how it'd bother you seeing all the negativity if you're actually enjoying the game. The truth is though that most of us complaining are doing so because we legitimately have issues with the game, and not just the bugs. Battlefield entire design philosophy is off. I'm guessing the majority of us really want the game to be successful too, why wouldn't we? I'm a bit games about how this will affect the future of the franchise if they can't turn this game around, though I am quite hopeful that this was a learning experience and the next game like be solid.

I did this as well, walked away from gaming and took up a old hobby. This post right here, Inquisitor.

playing ALL Battlefield games of the Last Decade from WORST to BEST!, time: 13:19
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Re: battlefield games stood like

Postby Vozragore В» 02.02.2019

They were annoying but like that dangerous stood you were aware. Felt far to arcade-like. BF titles have always been about casual realism, but after seeing games announcements for BF5 I thought they might be going for some cartoonish manga parody of WW2. Im able to battlefeld for my self when to visit web page up and when to battlefield on other games, but on BF3 im not trusted to control my own movements.

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Re: battlefield games stood like

Postby Golrajas В» 02.02.2019

Kotaku 'gamers want to keep medieval games white! Search for:. It is by far likw most sold segment in discreet cards in terms link volume. It's an unrealistic game!

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